Electronic Gaming Federation : Media and News

Employer: Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF)

Project Description: EGF employs numerous writers and casters to create an eSports community dedicated to providing news on the gaming world. This Drupal 7 site was built as an easy to use portal for the creation of news content. The infrastructure is built from the ground up on Amazon's Lightsail service.

Technologies and Skills Utilized: Drupal, Amazon Lightsail, Ubuntu, PHP, CSS, JQuery, Drupal Theming, MySQL, Caching, Apache, Git, Requirements Gathering, Software Design Priniciples, Custom Drupal Module Development

Role: Technical Architect, Sole Developer, Stack Solution Architect, Technical Maintainer

Address: Site no longer active

Briareus : Acquia Oncall Paging System

Employer: Acquia

Project Description: Briareus is an oncall paging system designed to increase the response time and efficiency of the Acquia Support Team. This tool is build on Drupal and ties together Zendesk, Twilio, Shiftplanning, and Google Calendar with heavy use of APIs and Services. I was responsible for a complete refactor to change Briareus from needing to "poll" Zendesk for new tickets to a "listening" approach where Briareus would get new ticket notifications via an API call from Zendesk. I also have improved caching tremenously; In total, I've decreased the number of API calls made by briareus for oncall purposes from over 3000 per day to well under 100.

Technologies and Skills Utilized: PHP, MySQL, Caching, Apache, APIs and Services, Git, JSON, Code Refactoring and Reconstruciton, Requirements Gathering, Software Design Priniciples, PSR Standards, Custom Drupal Module Development. Zendesk integrations, Google API integration, Twilio Integration

Role: Designer and Developer of a complete Refactoring, Primary Maintainer (2013-2015)

No product sample available, Proprietary Software.

Acquia Hosting Tools : Support Tools and Automation

Employer: Acquia

Project Description: Acquia Hosting Tools (AHT) is an command line based application built by Acquia Support staff FOR Acquia Support staff. A collective set of tools that aggregates and interpretes information about customer's sites from countless areas to streamline the role of the Acquia Client Advisor to allow them to serve the customers faster and more accurately. This collective tool is constantly changing, refactoring, and adapting to not only suit the team's needs, but also to allow the Support Engineering group to experiment with new technologies.

Technologies and Skills Utilized: PHP, Symfony, Symfony Console, YAML, OAuth, Dependency Injection, MySQL, Command Line Mastery, DNS, Caching, Nginx, Apache, APIs and Services, Git, SVN, GitHub, Code Refactoring and Reconstruciton, Requirements Gathering, Software Design Priniciples, PSR Standards.

Role: Second largest contributor in history of project at the time. One of a small handful that had push-to-live rights to the application.

No product sample available, Proprietary Software.

TogglZD : Toggl Time Tracker for ZenDesk

Employer: Acquia

Project Description: A ZenDesk widget that allows time tracking by Acquia agents to ZenDesk and Toggl simultaneously. Must allow for the alteration of workspaces and project IDs. Must be simple and efficient to use in order to not hinder the productivity of the Acquia team.

Technologies and Skills Utilized: Javascript, AJAX, ZenDesk API, Toggl API, UI Design, Requirements Gathering, Software Design Priniciples, Git, Github, Browser Cookie Storage

Role: Designer, Lead Developer, and Lead Maintainer (2014-2015)

No product sample available, Proprietary Software.

Maximus : Acquia Support Chat Bot

Employer: Acquia

Project Description: Maximus is a chat bot built to provide alerts and other important information to the Acquia Support Team inside of the team chat room. The core bot is now used by multiple department within Acquia.

Technologies and Skills Utilized: Ruby, Blather, APIs and Services, Drush, YAML, OAuth, JSON, Twitter Integration

Role: Second largest current contributor. One of two that have push-to-live rights to the application.

No product sample available, Proprietary Software.

Android Tactical Network : Software Engineering Senior Project

Sponsor: Harris RF Communications

Project Description: The goal of this project is to develop a serverless peer-to-peer auto-discovery network application for use on Android devices which are connected across an IP network, along with an Augmented Reality (AR) view plug-in for the existing HUDroid application. The network application will support querying and subscribing to peers' services. The plug-in will receive information from peers discovered by the network application. These feeds of information will be aggregated to each peer and display relevant information to a user via the AR application.

Technologies and Skills Utilized: Android, Java, Multicast DNS, RSA Encryption, Android Interprocess Communication, UI Design, Networking, Thread Efficiency, Memory Management, Database Concepts, Gerrit Code Review, JSON Data Interchanging, Software Design for Extensibility, Software Requirements Gathering and Specification, Software Testing, Software Architecture

Role: Team Member and Web Lead, heavy contribution in UI design, networking, and data encryption

RIT Finance & Administration : Drupal 7 Web Conversion

Employer: RIT Finance & Administration : Enterprise Web Applications

Project Description: Convert the entirety of the RIT F&A web presence a multi-site Drupal 7 Content Management System instance. This was a project lasting nearly one year.

Role: Integral part in research, planning, design, development, and training of entire system. Collected statistics on existing static environment such as page count, field type count, site depth, and site interconnections. Lead the transfer of data from the existing static environment to Drupal. Wrote a module designed to manage a global navigation spanning multiple sites.

Project Sample AddressRIT Controller's Office *Site content maintained by site Owner

RIT Finance & Administration : Center for Professional Development Drupal Conversion

Employer: RIT Finance & Administration : Enterprise Web Applications

Project Description: Convert the Center for Professional Development site to Drupal 6. This required extensive planning, design replication, development, and user training.

Role: Primary developer and customer contact on all site matters. Replicated existing site design into a Drupal 6 compatible format. Designed sites informational layout which organized over 200 classes into an easy to navigate and manage interface. Integrated a dynamic calendar system based off set dates in each class. Gave extensive training and prolonged customer support to site owners in the operation and management of their new site.

Sample not available: Site no longer exists in Drupal 6

RIT Finance & Administration : Office of Faculty Recruitment

Employer: RIT Finance & Administration : Enterprise Web Applications

Project Description and Role: Updated existing Flex and Air applications to customer specifications. This required database updates and alterations as well as refactoring of ColdFusion data upload system to optimize transfer of information and to convert from disk storage of files to database BLOB storage of files. This application was also updated to include an admin area that allowed the addition of new users and elevating permissions, a task previously completed by developers using direct database edits. Included in the release was a UI redesign that allowed the new features to be easily accessible while not impeding the use of existing features. I also headed the training on new features and the support of the product after the updated release.

Project photos and site unavailable due to private information and secured access 

RIT : Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Employer: RIT Finance & Administration : Enterprise Web Applications

Project Description: Integrate the Alumni Relations calendar into the RIT events calendar. This required working with the Office of Development & Alumni Relations to coordinate the creation of an RSS feed that would supply my script with the event information it needed. My PHP script parses the RSS feed, restructures the data to be the correct format, and inserts each event into the database for the RIT Events calendar.

Role: Primary developer and customer contact for the Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Project photos and site unavailable due to lack of User Interface.