As a brother of Pi Kappa Phi, I have grown a strong connection to the philanthropy it owns and operates named the Ability Experience (known as Push America previously). Over the past many years I have given a large amount to Ability Experience, not only financially but physically. In the Summer of 2012, I fundraised over $4,000 to participate in Build America where I traveled the country for six weeks going to eleven camps that serve people with disabilities. At these camps, 16 Pi Kappa Phi brothers including myself built various construction projects like ramps, walkways, a 100 foot slide, a sensory trail, and many other amazing projects. These projects were probably the least memorable or impact making of the trip. The part that really made the difference was at night when the day of work was done. We participated in camp programming; be it dancing like a fool at the camp dance or acting like a pirate in a skit, we were a part of everything the camp did. I met hundreds of campers that I will remember forever and have left a lasting impact on my life, just as I hope I have on their's.